Your success begins with a haircut in rejackr
Our services
We are responsible for quality
60 min.
Men's haircut
30 min.
Haircut with a clipper
45 min.
Children's haircut (up to 12 years old)
30 min.
Beard and mustache styling
60 min.
Shaving your head with a dangerous blade
Roza Luxemburg, 5/1
Lenina, 189/1
Frunze, 40
Seven days a week
11:00 – 21:00
About Us
We don't have to shout at every corner,
that we are the best. We prove this by deeds.
Founded in 2017 in Tomsk by the most experienced barber, Dan Razvoy-Viktorov.
At that moment he was in profession for 20 years. Having worked and in federal franchises, and in not network barbershops, and in beauty salons, took all the best and threw out all the garbage from their concept, created rejackr.
We have real professionals, recognized leaders in the barbering industry. For example, the ambassador of the international male brand Maesto, the technologist of the English cosmetics Morgans, the technologist of the American brand AmericanCrew, and not top barbers of all Russia according to version of their mother or Santa Claus.
We were the first to create our own school of barbers with a fundamental approach to education and state educational license.
We allocate for education of our masters annually more than 300,000 rubles and these are not empty numbers taken from heads.
We have developed a strict system of standards and requirements for work that only a truly true professional can withstand.
We are not engaged in hunting barbers from other salons and barbershops, we teach people ourselves and keep only the best at ourselves.
We do not trade a franchise. Since we believe that the franchise entails a loss of quality. We develop only as an independent network, slowly, but true.
We are recognized as the most visited barbershop in Tomsk according to version 2GIS in 2018, 2019, without paying for advertising in 2GIS. We are waiting for the end of 2020.
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We are open: 11:00 – 21:00, seven days a week

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